I have chosen to step up and run for U. S Congress Ohio District 7 because in 2014,

the current occupant of this office ran unopposed. Since that time, he has continued to

walk in lockstep with the leadership of the Republican Party, to the detriment of the


They have done eveything they can to block any progress. They continue to criticize

but offer no solutions or plans of their own. They continue to take from the middle class

and the poor, while continuing to give larger and larger tax breaks to the ultra rich and

corporations. They continue to try to abridge women's rights, deny climate change,

and attempt to gut environmental protections. These positions cannot go unchallenged


I am 61 years old and live  in Eaton Township in Lorain County, an area that was recently

gerrymandered into the US Congressional District - Ohio 7. I was raised in Fairport Harbor,
a working class, mile-square village, on Lake Erie. I am happily married to my wife,

Karen, (a small business owner) for more than 21 years and have a son, Jeff, who lives in

Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, Jen.

I spent 35 years in Law Enforcement, the majority of that time with the Cleveland

Police Department. I honorably retired in 2009 at the Rank of Commander, having

commanded the most challenging district in the City of Cleveland. 

During my tenure with the department, I was an active union member and held elected Executive Board positions in both the patrol officers and supervisors unions. I was a Trustee in the Patrol Officers union. I later served in  the supervisors union as Vice President and President. 

In addition, I served on the Board of Directors of the Cleveland Police Credit Union since the late 1990's, having been re-elected at the end of each three-year term. I currently co-chair both the Investment Committee and the Credit Union Development Committee, which oversee the budget, investments. expenditures, and the overall direction of the $33 million-dollar portfolio.

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